Chihhung Liu

1985 born in Hsinchu, Taiwan

2O12 M.F.A. Program, Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts


2O18 “PALUDES”‧nichido contemporary art‧Tokyo‧Japan

2O16 “NOVEMBER,Hsin-An”‧HOWL Space‧Tainan

2O16 “L’OISEAU BLEU”‧Galleria. H‧Taipei

2O16 “SUMMER FLOWERS”‧Taipei Artist Village‧Taipei

2O14 “SHORT FICTION”‧Taipei Fine Arts Museum‧Taipei




2O18 “Su Wong Shen with His Young Friends”‧Eslite Gallery‧Taipei

2O18 “Exchanging Views”‧Crane Gallery‧Kaohsiung

2O18 “LADY DIOR AS SEEN BY”‧Art Basel Hong Kong-Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2O18 “Here & There-2O18 Treasure Hill Light Festival ‧Treasure Hill Artist Village‧Taipei

2O18 “CHAOS”‧SILVERLENS x MindSetArtCenter‧Manila

2O18 “ART FAIR TOKYO 2O18”‧nca | Tokyo International Forum‧Tokyo

2O18 “ The Private Times: Beitou Local Image Collecting Project -II”‧Hong-Gah Museum‧Taipei

2O18 “2O18 Taiwan Lantern Festival”‧Chiayi‧Taiwan

2O17 “Samll Scenes”‧nichido contemporary art‧Tokyo/Japan

2O17 “Harper's Bazaar 15O Years : the Greatest Moments”‧Taipei 1O1 Mall‧Taipei

2O17 “Very Period”‧VT Art Salon‧Taipei

2O17 “LADY DIOR AS SEEN BY”‧Christian Dior Foundation‧Taipei

2O17 “A Journey Far From Home”‧gallerie nichido Taipei‧Taipei

2O17 “An Ode to Thirty”‧Eslite Gallery‧Taipei

2O17 “Media Archaeology: Indescribable Mark of Life”‧Art Museum NTUA‧Taipei

2O17 “Made In Taoyuan”‧House Art‧Taoyuan

2O16 “TAIPEI ARTS AWARD 2016”‧Taipei Fine Arts Museum‧Taipei

2O16 “TAIPEI BIENNIAL 2016”‧Taipei Fine Arts Museum‧Taipei

2O16 “2016 On-Site Art Festival-International Art Space”‧Akiyoshidai International Art Village、Outsider Factory

2O16 “As Small as the Universe”‧Gallerie Nichido Taipei‧Taipei

2O16 “Changwon Asia Art Festival 2016 – Hide & Seek/Two Jobs”‧Changwon City Art Hall‧Busan‧Korea

2O16 “Playlist”‧VT Art Salon‧Taipei

2O15 “The Spine of Spectrum ”‧KuanDu Museum of Art‧Taipei (Curatorial assistant)

2O15 “trans_2014-2015 : The Features of The Land”‧Akiyoshidai International Art Village‧Japan

2O15 “Residency Artist II”‧Ilju & Seonhwa Foundation‧Seoul‧Korea

2O15 “Art London 15”‧Galleria H.‧London

2O15 “2015 Art Taipei”‧Galleria H.‧Taipei

2O15 “Five Senses Meet Together”‧Pier-2 Art Center.‧Kaohsiung

2O15 “Why Not? ”‧Taipei Artist Village‧Taipei

2O14 “Homesick ”‧Artalks‧Taoyuan

2O14 “Washing The City, Against The Grain ”‧Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon‧Seoul‧Korea

2O14 “Art. Fair_Köln”‧Köln‧Germany

2O13 “The Room”‧Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store‧Taipei

Residency Programme

2O18 “DAC + AOA + GI, Germany”‧Apartment der Kunst - apartment of art‧Munich‧Germany

2O16 “17th Artist In Residence program from Ministry of Culture”‧ARTSPACE‧Sydney‧Australia

2O16 “Changwon Asia Art Festival 2O16 – Site-specific Art”‧Changwon Art Hall‧Busan‧South Korea

2O15 “Artist In Residence of Pier-2 Art Center – 2O15 Phase II ”‧Pier-2 Art Center‧Kaohsiung‧Taiwan

2O15 “trans_2O14-2O15:The Features of This Land ”‧Akiyoshidai International Art Village‧Japan

2O14 “Community & Research Project 2O14”‧Seoul Art Space _ Geumcheon‧Seoul‧South Korea

2O1O “ 2O1O International Multi-cultural Art Festival”‧ Haslla Art Center‧Gangneung‧South Korea

Auszeichnungen und Stipendien

2O17 National Culture and Arts Foundation Publication Grants‧Taiwan

2O16 Ministry of Culture Artist in Residence Grants(Australia)‧Taiwan

2O15 Taipei Artist Village International Exchange Program(Japan)‧Taiwan

2O14 The spine of Spectrum‧The 13th Taishin Arts Awards nomination‧Taipei‧Taiwan

2O14 KdMoFA International Exchange Program(Korea)‧Taiwan

2O13 National Culture and Arts Foundation Creation Grants‧Taiwan

2O12 The 1st LIHPAO Sculpture Artist Award‧ Selected‧Lihpao Cultural Art Foundation‧Taipei

2O11 2O11 Outstanding Art Prize‧KdMoFA‧Taipei

2O11 The 9th Taoyuan Creation Awards‧1st Prize‧Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County Government

2O1O Chinese Art Awards 2O1O‧Selected‧Societe Generale‧Beijing/Shanghai/HongKong/Taipei/Paris

2O1O The 3rd Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial ‧ NTUT‧Taipei

2OO9 S-An Aesthetics Awards‧S-An Cultural Foundation‧Taipei

2OO8 The 12th Yulon Innovation Woodcarving Awards‧Yulon Wood Sculpture Museum‧Taipei

2OO7 Taiwan Painting Arts Awards‧Selected‧Taichung County Seaport Art Center‧Tichung

2OO6 The 5th Taoyuan Creation Awards‧Selected‧Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County Government

2OO6 Taipei Fine Arts Award‧Selected‧Taipei Fine Arts Museum‧Taipei

Sound Geography is a publication consisting of a “Voice-drawing” database. Using the “human body” as an auditory organ to perceive various sounds and voices, this project aims to explore the possibility of visualizing what we hear by connecting, transforming, and representing verbal accounts, interviews, images, and abstract/figurative sketch lines. In this work, local objects, people, and stories serve as a narrative source of inspiration.