Made in Taiwan

24 September 2016 - 14 October 2016

The exhibition MADE IN TAIWAN of Sofie Bird Møller is the last exhibition in the season 2016 at Apartment der Kunst. The program continues in April 2017. 
Sofie Bird Møller took part in the three-year collaboration between Apartment der Kunst (AOA) in Munich and VT Artsalon Taipei and went there for a solo exhibition and a three week stay. At the Apartment der Kunst (AOA) she will show new works which where Made in Taiwan during her stay and working directly with the material and the impressions which she got in that intensive time. Due to the she transformation of her working materials she often refers on social and also on art historic issues. Thus she creates mystical and partly surrealistic works of a contemporary, intercultural spirituality. 
Sofie Bird Møller says:"It is difficult to categorize my work. I work along several art historical -isms like surrealism, abstract expressionism, body- and pop art, (Asger) Jorn-like modifications and feminist art. If someone were to interpret my work, it would definitely be possible to connect it to a feminist and a political context and see the work as a critical remark to the traditional role models, the body cult of this era and the overall, ever present, superficial aesthetics of the advertisement world.."
Sofie Bird Møller studied at the AdBK Munichin the class of Günter Förg. She gratuated from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, Sofie Bird Møller has staged solo exhibitions in Copenhagen, Zurich, Los Angelos, Esbjerg, Berlin and Munich, and her works have been exhibited in Danmark, Switzerland, the United States, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom andTaipei.